What to Wear During Autumn

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October 26, 2018
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October 31, 2018
What to Wear During Autumn
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Are you traveling to Japan this autumn? Not sure what to wear and how to style? We might have a solution for you. Don’t worry, when it comes to autumn, you can basically wear anything from sweaters to dresses. As the weather gets colder every day, you may need to put on several layers of clothing. It is recommended to wear earth colors such as red, brown, orange, yellow and neutral colors to match the season. Autumn also is said to be the best season for fashion lovers as they get to show their eccentric styles and to invest in killer boots.

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In this article, we’re going to guide you on what to wear during autumn from head to toe. Hope you’ll find these ideas helpful.

For women, this is the opportunity for you to take out those knitted sweaters, shawls and comfy boots out from your closet. If you plan to go sightseeing all day, make sure you bring or wear clothing that will make you warm. Meanwhile, for men, they also have their own style in autumn. Although theirs is much simpler, it can be fashionable if pair with the right accessory. They can also add a scarf or beanie to their daily attire.

Women’s style.

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Men’s style.

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Usually, the weather is quite warm during the day which means you can put on a T-shirt or any thin clothing. But by night, you need to wear jackets or sweaters to fight the cold.


Wearing a hat or beanie is not only necessary but it’s the perfect accessory to make you look very chic. The fedora felt hat and knitted beanie are the top picks for women to wear during this season. Also, hats or beanies are useful too if you’re having a bad hair day.

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For men, the color of beanie or hat should also be in a darker shade or at least nude so it can suit your outfit better. Careful, some type of beanies can make you look sluggish. For example, visor beanies and novelty beanies. Opt for something like the classic cuffed beanies or streetwear beanies. They’re timeless and very trendy.

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If you see someone is wearing a scarf, you’ll know she’s already in the mood for the autumn season. A scarf can be wrapped in multiple ways and can be matched according to your outfit. Other than that, if you want to keep yourselves warm, we suggest you wear a thicker material like a pashmina or knitted scarf. If you wear a patterned top or jacket, match your outfit with a plain scarf. For Muslims, you can also wear a scarf by wrapping them on top of your hijab or on your jacket.

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Look for ways on how to tie your scarf here.


To those who get cold easily, put on jackets or cardigans. Leather or denim jacket will serve a rock n roll look, while cardigans, will make you look more decent, sweet and casual.

It is best to wear a darker color of jackets or cardigans like grey, brown or black. Then, you can pair it with a shirt or a sweater. You can also add a scarf on top of your jacket to revamp your appearance. Match animal prints, stripes, plains or graphic tees with a jacket and you’re good to go.

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Knitted Sweaters

Most popular fashion trend during autumn is knitted sweaters. Their soft and light material is perfect to wear any time of the day. Besides, men can wear knitted sweaters too. For instance, they can wear the roll neck and cable knit crew neck sweaters. These two sweaters can be paired with a jacket and slim-fit jeans.

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Boots and autumn are inseparable. For women, wearing the right boots will make your legs appear thinner and longer. For example, opt for ankle boots, chukka boots, or knee-high boots. These boots will definitely flatter your body plus make sure they’re comfortable to walk in. You don’t want to suffer from sore feet at the end of the day.

As for men, chukka boots can be worn for both casual and formal attire. If you feel want to look edgier, try the lace-up boots. The design is quite the same as combat boots and it’s an alternative to leather shoes. Other than that, leather is easy to maintain as you can wipe the dust off or clean them with a tissue. Nonetheless, these type of shoes will make you look casual and neat.

Chukka boots.

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Knee high boots.

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Heattech clothing

In addition, you can put on a heat tech clothing like pants or shirts underneath your outfit. The material supposedly gives people comfort and warmth during cold weather. Since autumn is starting to feel a little bit chilly, maybe you can purchase the heat tech shirts and pants at stores like Uniqlo. In Uniqlo, you can find a wide collection of heat tech clothing for men and women like socks, caps, gloves, scarfs and more.

Women Heattech Neck T-Shirt and legging.

Image Source: Uniqlo.

Heattech scarf and T-Shirt.

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Overall, autumn is the best season for you to wear comfortable yet stylish clothing before it hits winter. These outfits are suitable to wear to go sightseeing and do outdoor activities. Also, these are just a few recommendations to keep you warm throughout the day. Besides that, Muslims can also refer to this outfit style as the clothing covers their body parts. You can put on oversized sweaters or jackets if you want to conceal your body figure.

By the way, if you’re looking for places to go autumn leaves hunting or sightseeing in Japan, keep scrolling our website.


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