TYFFONIUM – Experience VR Like Never Before

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June 11, 2019
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TYFFONIUM – Experience VR Like Never Before
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VR or Virtual Reality is undeniably one of the greatest forms of modern technology that allows us to enter a dreamlike world where everything seems possible. To make your experience more surreal, you need to put on a head-mounted display with a small screen that sits in front of your eyes and a headphone for you to concentrate on the video. Generally, VR is commonly used for gaming, education and stimulation purposes to help people overcome their fear or to train them for an actual event.

In Japan, you can experience VR as there have been quite a number of VR facilities established here. You can check them out by clicking on this link.

If you are up for a magical VR experience, TYFFONIUM will make sure that you don’t leave the place without a break of sweat, a fearful shriek and an erratic heartbeat. As stated by TYFFONIUM, this place is a Magic-Reality Theatre that offers an immersive experience that goes beyond the actual surface of VR.

Image Source: TYFFONIUM Official Website.

For your information, TYFFONIUM has two main VR facilities in Japan namely in Shibuya and Odaiba. Every visitor must go through three main TYFFONIUM’s attractions, at least once. We are going to show just as how realistic these VR games can be. Before you enter the room, they will put on a video preview about TYFFONIUM to set the mood.


To join this course, the fee is ¥2,400 per person. This eerie attraction will take you on a mysterious journey inside a beautiful yet ghastly looking Western-style manor. The manor has been deserted for years and you will encounter its evil yet spooky residents as you explore each corner.

In Shibuya, you can play up to four persons, meanwhile, in Odaiba, they only allow two persons. Terrifying as it sounds, this attraction is certainly not for the fainthearted, pregnant women, people that can’t tolerate with scary images, the disables and it is only for 13 years of age and above.

Some of the creatures you will run into in Corridor. Image Source: TYFFONIUM Official Website.

Each player needs to be fully equipped with the head-mounted display, headphone, a lantern to guide your way into the manor and you with your partner need to hold a ring in order to endure the frightening attraction together. Corridor will last around 35 minutes and it is so scary that not many players have the guts to complete the game.

Image Source: Jalan.net.


In FLUCTUS, you will go on a voyage on a ghost ship where you will come across weird extraterrestrials creatures. You will sail the ship along with your other friends and the aim is to avoid any mishap along the way. To make it more interesting and captivating, special effects will be added throughout your journey, for instance, wind rustling and sound effects.

A make-believe universe in FLUCTUS. Image Source: TYFFONIUM Official Website.

For FLUCTUS, you can play up to five players and each player needs to be 110cm or taller to participate in this adventure. Unlike Corridor, you are allowed to bring your children as the age limit is 7 years of age. The game lasts around 30 minutes and you will be given a ship’s wheel to navigate your ghost ship. The price for this attraction slightly differs in each facility centre. In Odaiba, the fee is ¥1,800, while in Shibuya, the fee is ¥2,000.

Please ensure that you do not have any motion sickness, free from high blood pressure, does not have any permanent disability and not pregnant.

A player navigating his ship using the wheel. Image Source: Inside Games.


Tarot reading existed a long time ago and it is still a popular thing to do in case you are curious about your destiny. In TYYFONIUM, instead of going to any fortune teller or tarot card reader, you can experience a new level of tarot reading just through VR.

The world of each tarot card. Image Source: TYFFONIUM Official Website.

To play Tarot VR, you will be seated in a room and will be handed a controller. You will enter the fortune teller’s room furnished in classic furniture which is quite mystic. Then, you need to choose any card displayed in front of you. Whichever card you pick, it will take you on a different realm to show you what the card is all about. Through this experience, you will be able to grasp the real meaning of your tarot card.

After your journey ended, you will receive the same tarot card as the one you chose in the attraction as a token of reminder and an explanatory book that includes your tarot result. Tarot VR can be played up to two persons and lasts 10 minutes. Children aged 7 years old and above can enter this VR. The cost is ¥800 per person.

A selection of tarot cards. Image Source: TYFFONIUM Official Website.

After you tried all these three attractions, there is a TYFFONIUM Café located on the 8th floor of Shibuya’s VR facility centre. Painted in soft purple walls, hanging prisms accessories and white furniture, you can take a break here to enjoy TYFFONIUM’s selection of drinks and desserts.

Popcorn and Violet Arcanum (soda) sold at the café. Image Source: Coco Loni.

In short, TYFFONIUM will offer you a VR experience unlike any other. Although there are only three attractions, these are more than enough to prove the world just as how surreal the adventures are. Even though the fees are quite high, it is definitely worth the experience. If you are a non-Japanese speaker, do not worry as they also provide an English subtitle in each attraction so you can enjoy the VR. So, which one of these attractions is your favourite?


Address: Kiyama building 6-8F, 27-4, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0042

Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 11:00PM

Contact Number: 03-6416-4701

Closest Train Station: Shibuya Station

Website: https://www.tyffonium.com/



Address: 1-1-10 Aomi | 5F DiverCity Tokyo, Koto 135-0064, Tokyo Prefecture

Operating Hours: 10:00AM – 9:00PM

Contact Number: +81 3-5579-6332

Closest Train Station: Tokyo Teleport Station


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