Tokyo Skytree Town – A Place Where You Can Easily Spend Half A Day

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Tokyo Skytree Town – A Place Where You Can Easily Spend Half A Day
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If you have heard about Tokyo Skytree, then you would know that this is one of the most amazing structures in Tokyo, Japan. Most visitors to Tokyo will definitely visit this tower due to the fact that it is the tallest standing tower in the world, and visitors can go to the top for some incredible views of Tokyo.

While it is a must-do thing in Tokyo, I would like to focus on the Skytree Town, which is a lifestyle mall located just next to the Skytree Tower, nearby Asakusa. Many do not know about Skytree Town until they reach there, and the planning they have is just for a couple of hours.

So, by sharing the information here, you will get to know that you can easily spend half a day here by visiting both the Tokyo Skytree Tower and also Skytree Town. Just so you know, the Skytree Tower stands at a whopping 634 meters high and was opened in 2012 by the Tobu Group of Japan.

Tokyo Skytree, photo taken from the base of the tower, in front of Skytree Town.

Why Call It Skytree?

It is based on a neo-futuristic design, where it combines art, design and architecture into one beautiful concept. The structure also resembles a five storey Japanese pagoda, and here is a unique fact that many people do not know.

The tower is locally remembered by the name Musashi, which translates to six for Mu, three for Sa, and four for Shi. This is the total height of the tower as 634 meters, and Musashi is actually the old name for the region where the Tokyo Skytree stands now.

The name of the tower was also obtained by public voting where Skytree was the overall winner from six choices. The colour selected for the tower is a traditional Japanese colour called Aijiro or bluish-white. Skytree Tower was also designed by Mr Kiichi Sumikawa, a well known Japanese sculpture.

The entrance to Skytree Town.

What Can You Find At Tokyo Skytree Town?

This entire massive project offers a wide variety of attractions and things to do, which is suitable for any walk of life. You can be a single traveller, couple or even a group or family traveller, and the place would be perfect for sightseeing, entertainment and shopping. Below is a list of what is available at Tokyo Skytree;

Skytree Tower – The main attraction where visitors go up to the top of the tower and get some magnificent views of Tokyo in the day or evening. They offer various types of tickets, but I would recommend getting the combo ticket which costs ¥1550 (6-11 years), ¥2550 (12-17 years) and ¥3400 (18 and above). These are also weekend ticket prices, and for weekday tickets, just minis ¥300.

One of the many shops at Solamachi or Skytree Town.

Skytree Town – This is called Tokyo Solamachi, which is a one-stop lifestyle shopping mall cum entertainment zone. Over five floors of shopping and eateries are found here, visitors can easily spend a few hours of just exploring.

Sumida Aquarium – This is not just any ordinary aquarium, but more of a learning experience which is highly recommended for family travellers with kids. Sumida Aquarium entrance tickets are ¥600 for kids and ¥2050 for adults.

Aurora Night is one of the shows at the Planetarium here.

Planetarium – You can also find a unique Konica & Minolta Planetaria Tokyo, which offers large scale spectacular shows, and also an interesting virtual reality or VR experience here. Both are classified as entertainment and also educational purposes, suitable for anyone visiting this place. Prices start from ¥900 for kids and up to ¥3800 for adults. Multiple ticket choices are available at the Konica Minolta Planetarium.

Skytree Plaza Garden – A specially created garden that changes according to the seasons, with various species of Japanese trees and flowers, including the famous cherry blossom during the spring season. This is part of the green space living for Skytree Town, and free to access.

Inside Skytree Town, many unique retail shops are found.

Shopping At Skytree Town

For me, I have been up to Tokyo Skytree, and my second time around, I took the opportunity to explore the Skytree Town as it was rather interesting. In the main concourse area of Tokyo Solamachi, I was pleased to see rows of retail shops, which offered a good mix of food, sweets, souvenirs, jewellery and local products. The main lane was also decorated with the pink cherry blossoms, due to the Spring season when I was there.

When you go up to the main shopping mall area, you will start to see all kinds of retails shops, and to my surprise, I noticed that there were more local Japanese brands versus seeing the same old international brands. This gave me a reason to actually stop and look at most of the shops here.

All kinds of souvenirs and unique items can be seen at the shops in Skytree Town.

The balance was very good, with favouritism towards the women shoppers, and why am I not surprised at all. However, there were some interesting men’s shops that sold Japanese design apparels and accessories.

If you are a Pokemon Go fan, there is a famous Pokemon Store located on the fifth floor on the easy yard area. And if you love Hello Kitty or Studio Ghibli, there are also speciality stores here. At the Pokemon Store, you can purchase limited edition Tokyo Skytree Pikachu merchandise, which is exclusively only available here.

For those who want to experience some unique dining, there are quite a number of restaurants available to choose, namely in the main mall area, and also on the 30th and 31st floor of the tower.

A general guide to Tokyo Skytree and what is around here. Photo from Tokyo Skytree Website.

Do I Need To Pay To Visit Skytree Town?

No, you do not, it is a free and public area, like a lifestyle mall and open areas. You only need to pay if you want to go up to the Skytree Tower, which is ¥3400 per person. Otherwise, all other areas surrounding the tower is free for all.

Do take note that on weekdays, it is slightly cheaper to buy your tickets, and it is recommended to get here early to avoid the crowds. Other attractions around here may require entrance fees, but most of them are free to visit.

The main concourse area of Skytree Town decorated in a Sakura theme.

How Long Should I Spend At Skytree Town?

For those doing both – the tower and town, you may need around three to four hours time here. But if you love shopping and exploring, I would recommend around five or six hours here. This means you should come early in the morning to take photos from the base of the tower, then head up for the beautiful views of Tokyo, and after that, spend a few hours exploring Skytree Town.

Honestly, many visitors in Tokyo will always allocate about two to three hours to visit Skytree, but when they get here and realise that there is more to do than just going up the tower, they tend to get carried away and end up spending up to five or six hours here.

A shop selling everything related to the Japanese Sake at Skytree Town.

Therefore, if you are reading this, and planning your Tokyo trip, I would strongly recommend you do not try to rush your experiences in Tokyo, as it will get you really tired and end up rushing to see sights.

So, I would honestly recommend spending at least a minimum of four to five hours here, before heading to your next destination. This way, you can take your time and really enjoy the experience.

A map shows the distance from Asakusa’s Senso-ji Temple to Tokyo Skytree Tower.

How Do I Get To Skytree Town?

Tokyo Skytree is connected by the subway system, and the Oshiage Station is the main station where you get off. If you are using the Tokyo Metro subway, just look for this station which is connected by the Tobu Skytree Line, Keisei Oshiage Line, Toei Asakusa Line and Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line.

If you are in the Asakusa area, you can either catch a two-station stop or take a casual slow walk towards Skytree. It is actually not that far, and only a 25 minute walk, crossing the Sumida River and catching glimpse of Tokyo as you walk.

The main Tokyo subway map to Skytree.

Most visitors would walk here after visiting the Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa, but if you are with elderly people or have walking issues, then take the Asakusa Line from the Asakusa Station to Oshiage Station, which is just two stops away.

Tokyo Skytree Town

Address: 1-chōme-1 Oshiage, Sumida City, Tōkyō-to 131-0045, Japan



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