May 28, 2018

5 Places to See Hydrangea, Japan’s Rainy Season Flower No ratings yet.

Let these awesome flowers chase away the rainy day blues for you!
May 21, 2018

5 Perks about Visiting Japan during Rainy Season No ratings yet.

Travelling to Japan during rainy season doesn't mean your holiday is dampened for sure!
May 7, 2018

Summer in Japan: 10 Ways to Fight the Heat like a Ninja No ratings yet.

Summer is a great time to visit Japan and see the country's culture. With plenty of things to be experienced during this season, don’t let the stifling weather hinder you from enjoying all the fun!
February 6, 2018

Hop on a Boat Cruise at Geibikei Gorge No ratings yet.

Are you a big fan of mother nature? Yes? Try exploring Geibikei Gorge on a boat cruise in Iwate Prefecture. This two-kilometre gorge is designated as...
January 17, 2018

2018 Cherry Blossom Forecast for you to catch the Magnificent Spring 3/5 (2)

Cherry blossoms are pretty, beautiful, and nice to look at. In the Japanese culture, this flower signifies the fragility of life...
December 28, 2017

Winter is fun, but don’t forget your manners No ratings yet.

If you’re not familiar with snow and freezing temperatures, here are a few tips to ensure that you will receive a warm winter welcome from the locals...
November 29, 2017

Layering for Winter No ratings yet.

Winter is cold, we all know that. However, when visiting Japan in winter, you will find that most indoor environments are heated to a...
October 12, 2017

How to Stay Fashionable with a Scarf No ratings yet.

How you wear a scarf during winter and autumn doesn’t have to be the same because the weather during autumn isn’t as cold. In fact, you should tie your scarf...
September 13, 2017

6 Recommended Buys from Japan During Winter 3/5 (2)

Travelling to Japan during winter is typically an exhilarating experience, especially for tourist from tropical regions...