December 7, 2018

Must-Have Travel Apps on Your Phone No ratings yet.

These highly recommended travel apps will be able to guide you from booking cheap flights and hotels to guided private tours.
October 5, 2018

4 VR Centres to Experience in Tokyo No ratings yet.

Play games like Dragon Balls, Evangelion and Zero Latency VR style! Head to these 4 VR centers in Tokyo and pick your battle.
September 18, 2018

Iwate Travel: 3 Scenic Places that Introduce You to the Beauty of Sanriku Coast (Part 2) No ratings yet.

A gem for visitors looking to go for a less travelled path, the area offers abundant natural beauty, unique local culture, and of course, mouthwatering local cuisine waiting to be explored.
June 7, 2018

Double the Fun with Cosplay Karaoke No ratings yet.

Karaoke, the popular entertainment in Japan is loved by both young and the old. In Japan, some karaoke boxes offer cosplay rental service...
May 14, 2018

Japan Expo 2018 is back in Malaysia! No ratings yet.

The biggest and most happening Japanese event is returning to Malaysia! Japan Expo Malaysia 2018 will again host various Japanese cultural activities...
May 3, 2018

The Happiest Celebration is in town! Check out the latest hype at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea No ratings yet.

In mid-April, Tokyo Disneyland kicked off with a grand parade of Mickey Mouse and his Disney friends passing through the Parade Route. Check out what's going on at Disneyland...
April 25, 2018

Rock On! 3 Must-Go Summer Music Festivals in Japan No ratings yet.

Summer is the season for music festivals, where you can enjoy not just music but also mouth-watering food, colourful fireworks, fascinating company, and wonderful atmosphere...
April 23, 2018

10 Tips to Survive Summer Sonic Music Festival No ratings yet.

Have you heard about Summer Sonic? It’s one of the biggest and most anticipated music events in Japan, held concurrently in Tokyo (Chiba) and Osaka in August every...
March 30, 2018

Kawasaki Warehouse, the game centre that looks like a haunted place No ratings yet.

The entire place is devoid of sunlight, shops and houses here have worn down facades and rusty balconies with washing lines. Ads and signs are posted...