Souvenirs To Buy From Hokkaido

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Souvenirs To Buy From Hokkaido
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Anyone visiting Hokkaido will surely be overly impressed with this part of Japan, as it is much more relaxed compared to places like Tokyo or Osaka. While exploring the many places around Hokkaido, one thing for sure is that you are bound to be looking for some awesome souvenirs to bring back.

Being Asian, or specifically Malaysian, souvenirs are a must for anyone who travels, even if it is a short trip, hence this article was done to help you decide on what are the best souvenirs to get when you are visiting Hokkaido.

While Hokkaido is well known for their crabs, that is not something you are going to be bringing back as a souvenir. In most cases, the common souvenirs are snacks, chocolates and Japanese sweets. This are easy to carry back and are often found at common tourist places.

Some of the Kaitaku Okaki flavors from Hokkaido

Hokkaido Kaitaku Okaki

One of the most popular souvenirs from Hokkaido is the rice cracker, and one of them stands out among the many brands. This particular rice cracker is called Okaki, which is made out of glutinous rice and salt.

The Hokkaido Kaitaku Okaki comes in multiple flavors such as seaweed, shrimp, fish and Japanese scallop, which are also known as the famous Hokkaido seafood. There are also other types of Okaki which comes in cheese and even curry flavors.

Kaitaku Okaki is made from selected fine mochi rice grown in Hokkaido and using Hokkaido salt that is made from sea water around here. The original seafood flavors are the most sought after and they include eight distinctive flavors which are;

  1. Erimo Konbu (Sea Kelp) Flavor
  2. Shibetsu Aki Shake (Autumn Salmon) Flavor
  3. Esashi Hotate (Scallop) Flavor
  4. Mashike Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp) Flavor
  5. Shiranuka Yanagidako (Octopus) Flavor
  6. Shiraoi Kojohama Tarako (Cod roe) Flavor
  7. Matsumae Ika (Squid) Flavor
  8. Notsuke Hokkai Shimaebi (Hokkai Shrimp) Flavor

Hokkaido Okaki

Price: ¥410 and above

Where To Get Them: Airport, Souvenir Shops, Sweet Shops

Cocoa biscuits by Rokkatei. Photo by Matcha.

Hokkaido Falling Snow (Yukiya Konko)

For those who love biscuits, you must not miss trying the famous falling snow cookies from Hokkaido. These chocolate cocoa biscuits called Yukiya Konko are made by the largest food company in Hokkaido called Rokkatei.

Yukiya Konko is a black cocoa biscuit with white chocolate sandwiched between the two biscuits. The design of the biscuits surface represents snowflakes falling from the night sky and has been a popular souvenir even for locals traveling. Another product by Rokkatei is the Marusei Butter Cookies.

Yukiya Konko (Falling Snow Biscuit)

Price: ¥730 for 8 pieces and ¥1080 for 12 pieces

Where To Get Them: Most souvenir and sweet shops, Airport

White Lovers Biscuits, a Hokkaido favorite

Shiroi Koibito (White Lovers)

This is probably known as one of the best souvenirs from Hokkaido, but takes style from the traditional English cookies. Created in 1976, this biscuit has had numerous awards and national fame where the company even opened a Shiroi Koibito Park in Sapporo City for visitors to see how this biscuit is made.

The two most popular biscuits are the Shiroi Koibito White with white chocolate in the centre, and the Shiroi Koibito Black with milk chocolate in the centre. The biscuit is very elegant thin vanilla-flavored cookie sandwich which is what makes this one of the most delicious souvenirs from Hokkaido.

Shiroi Koibito (White Lovers)

Price: ¥576 for 9 pieces and ¥761 for one dozen

Where To Buy Them: Shiroi Koibito Park, Airports, Any Souvenir Shops around Hokkaido




Japanese rice crackers in curry flavor

Yoshimi Curry Rice Crackers

For the Asian or Malaysian traveler, Japanese rice crackers are known to be one of the top three souvenirs brought back, and in Hokkaido, the Yoshimi Sapporo Curry Rice Crackers are not to be missed.

These crunchy and delicious rice crackers are flavored with the Japanese style curry and often come in shrimp flavor. Some people claim this as one of the most addictive curry rice crackers and even buy a dozen boxes back, where half is self consumed and the other is given as souvenirs.

Take note that there are many other brands doing the Sapporo Curry Rice Crackers, but the original one is known as Yoshimi.

Yoshimi Sapporo Curry Rice Crackers

Price: ¥648 for 1 box of 8 packs

Where To Get Them: Airport, Souvenir Shops, Random Shops

One of the Hogaja cracker flavors from Hokkaido

Hogaja Fried Cracker

Another cracker that is popular among locals and visitors is called the Hogaja fried cracker that is manufactured by Fukutaro. Again, crackers are popular in Japan which results in many companies doing this as a souvenir business, but the original names are the ones you should be looking out for.

Fukutaro makes these amazing fried crackers where the potato’s come from the Koshimizu region of Hokkaido. The rich soil and fresh water is one of the little secrets of why these potato’s are highly sourced after.

A hard baked style rice cracker, the flavors usually are in octopus, squid, salmon and even cod roe. Locals claim that it is so addictive that you cannot stop after having one and you will keep going until you finish the entire pack.

Hogaja Fried Cracker

Price: ¥1296 for one bag of 32 packs

Where to Get Them: Airport, Souvenir and Sweets Shops, Department Stores

Horse Oil products from Hokkaido are very popular among the women travelers

Hokkaido Horse Oil Products

This is one of the strange and unique souvenirs that you can get for anyone who is into the whole beauty thing. Hokkaido well known for their healthy and strong horse breeds, that is due to the fresh air and lush fields in this part of Japan.

The Hokkaido horse oil products have properties that help in wrinkles, acne, sunburn, and eczema. It also a good skin moisturized which contains no additives and has no fragrance or odor. Overall, the horse oil products come in different types of items which include soap, lip balm, hair moisturizer and creams.

Hokkaido Horse Oil

Price: From ¥2000 and above

Where To Get Them: Airport, Souvenir Shops, Department Stores

A type of Hokkaido Miso Ramen

Hokkaido Instant Ramen

Who doesn’t love Japanese instant noodles? Being Asian, we can easily relate to noodles as it is one of the staple food for our culture, and the Japanese are world renown for their incredible choices in instant noodles. When it comes to visiting Japan, it is not question that at one point, we will be sampling some of the instant noodles where ever we go.

In Hokkaido, they have their own local instant noodles, which are great as souvenirs. Famous brands include Nissin, which produces Hokkaido flavors, and the Sumire Ramen, which is Sapporo’s most famous ramen. They are sold in individual packs or in packs of five.

Hokkaido Instant Ramen Noodles

Price: ¥500 and above per pack or bowl

Where To Get Them: Airport, Convenient Stores, Souvenir Shops

The tasty Hokkaido White Raspberry. Photo by Bokksu.

Hokkaido White Raspberry

These dainty sweets are quite the souvenir as they include white chocolates and raspberries. Most women or girls that travel to Hokkaido will surely fall in love with these famous sweets because they are not as sweet as they sound, but they taste really good.

The Hokkaido White Raspberry is made of a white chocolate coating with corn puffs and sprinkled with little raspberry crumbs. As each piece comes in its own individual packet, they make perfect souvenirs for family, friends or even working colleagues.

Hokkaido White Raspberry

Price: ¥1080 for 15 pieces

Where To Get Them: Airport, Souvenir Shops, Convenient Stores

Hokkaido Kit Kat Flavors

Japanese Kit Kat Chocolates

This is something that anyone and everyone will be buying as souvenirs, and all over Japan, you will find all kinds of flavors and taste for the Japanese Kit Kat chocolates. The best part about buying Kit Kat is that the Japanese love to make seasonal or limited edition Kit Kat flavors, and when you are traveling, do keep an eye out for them in Hokkaido.

In Hokkaido, you can look for the famous Hokkaido Melon Kit Kat, which of course uses the Hokkaido Melon. Other flavors to try is the Wa-Ichigo or Japanese strawberry, and also the Hokkaido White Raspberry flavor Kit Kat here.

Japanese Kit Kat

Price: From ¥750above depending on the packs

Where To get Them: Airports are the best place, but you can find them just about anywhere

There out go, a guide to some of the best souvenirs to get from Hokkaido, and just to add on, there are many other souvenirs that come in the form of sweets, cakes and other local products. While this article was created mainly for Malaysians or Southeast Asians, we roughly know what are the souvenirs that are mostly looked for when traveling to Sapporo or Hokkaido.


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