Sanrio Puroland: A Kawaii Hello Kitty & Friends Theme Park

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Sanrio Puroland: A Kawaii Hello Kitty & Friends Theme Park
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To all Hello Kitty and friends fans, have you visited Sanrio Puroland? Located in Tama New Town, Tokyo, this cute theme park was opened in 1990 by a Japanese company called Sanrio. Sanrio is known for producing all sorts of products such as bags, accessories and toys for characters such as Hello Kitty, Gudetama, My Melody and more.

If you must know, Sanrio Puroland or also known as Hello Kitty Land Tokyo is an indoor theme park and doesn’t include any wild roller coaster rides. Expect more adorable attractions, parades and performances here. Annually, Sanrio Puroland will receive more than 1.5 million visitors that came from all parts of the world just to see Hello Kitty and friends in person.

Entrance to Sanrio Puroland.

Sanrio Puroland is 30 minutes away from Tokyo city, therefore, you can ride a train from Shinjuku Station and stop at Tama-Center Station. From there, it’s just an eight minutes’ walk to the theme park.

Once you arrived, you will see a huge hemisphere building decorated with a magical and fantasy-like design. In total, there are four floors and each of them consists of unique areas that need to be visited.

Interior part of Sanrio Puroland.


Since the rides in Sanrio Puroland are more laid-back, be sure to try Sanrio Character Boat Ride. It will take you on 10 minutes journey in a man-made river to see all these automated characters in their realms. Also, try My Melody & Kuromi: Mymeroad Drive and roam around in Eco Melody Car to check out where My Melody and friends live in the world of Mary Land.

Sanrio Character Boat Ride.

Enter Lady Kitty House to meet Lady Kitty as well as go on a tour around her mansion. Decorated with a rose garden, Japanese tea room and many photo spots, you will have a great time here with Lady Kitty.

Lady Kitty House.

Other places you should check out are Kiki & Lala Twinkling Tour, Gudetama Land, Hello Kitty’s Bell of Happiness and other small stalls that give out souvenirs and mystery prizes.

Kiki & Lala Twinkling Tour.


When you are in Sanrio Puroland, one of the must-dos is watching spectacular performances and parades by all Sanrio characters. With plenty of time slots daily, it’s hard to miss these shows. Kawaii Kabuki is a dance-drama musical that put up a Kabuki styled performance. Kabuki is known for its extraordinary performance and bizarre makeups. The musical number features Bad Badtz-Maru as the antagonist along with Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin and Dear Daniel as the protagonists.

Kawaii Kabuki – Momotarō by the Hello Kitty Troupe.

Furthermore, engage with Gudetama or also known as the lazy egg in which guests are able to interact with him in Gudetama the Movie Show. Please take note that this show is available only in the Japanese language. You can also watch an illuminating performance with Kitty and Daniel in Miracle Illusion and Happiness. Throughout the show, you will be fascinated by colourful lights and a very impressive projection mapping.

Miracle Illusion and Happiness.

Miracle Gift Parade.

There are also shows and parade by MEMORY BOYS: The Shop Selling Memories and Miracle Gift Parade. Besides that, you will have an opportunity to meet and greet several of Sanrio’s characters daily. By checking their website, you can see which characters are available on that day.


It’s time to fill your hunger! For heavy meals, there are three main restaurants you can go to which are Character Food Court, Sanrio Rainbow World Restaurant and Restaurant Yakata. For the food court, their significant dish is Cinnamoroll Sky Blue Curry. The entire restaurant is painted with a pink and white palette that looks so dreamy.

Character Food Court.

Cinnamoroll Sky Blue Curry.

Sanrio Rainbow World Restaurant’s popular food is their Hello Kitty’s Strawberry Chocolate Crepe and Kiki & Lala Tropical Fruit Crepe. Each character is separated into its colours and you can choose which area you would like to dine in. Meanwhile, in Restaurant Yakata, they serve buffet dining in a castle-like building.

Sanrio Rainbow World Restaurant.

For desserts, head to Cinnamoroll Dream Café to taste adorable pudding and ice-cream decorated with Cinnamoroll figures. In addition, a small stall called Sweet Parlor sells ice-cream and other light bites too.


Souvenir Shops 

Before leaving, make sure you purchase all Sanrio’s characters charming goodies and merchandises as they’re very limited. For Hello Kitty fans, you can buy their luggage, toys and accessories at Lady Kitty House Shop. For Gudetama, the shop has everything you need to love about the lazy egg. For Kiki & Lala and My Melody, their shops provide special themed rooms and purchase characters’ ears headband.


Gudetama Shop.

The biggest souvenir shop in Sanrio Puroland is the Entrance Shop. If you don’t want to go to each character’s individual stores, just come straight here to get all the Sanrio character’s items including Hello Kitty cookies. Apart from that, visit also Village Shop and Entertainment Hall Shop for more limited edition items.

Entrance Shop.


To those who travel with senior citizens or infants, don’t worry about lifting their wheelchairs and strollers because Sanrio Puroland provides elevators to facilitate your journey. In addition, for Muslims, unfortunately, the restaurants and food stalls don’t provide any Halal meals. Alternatively, you can check with the Information Counter or the staffs in restaurants to see which meals don’t contain pork or alcohol.

They also installed an ATM machine, money exchanger and a tax-free counter. You can use Sanrio Puroland’s public wifi and it works really well.

Information Counter.


As for accommodations, there are two main hotels located five minutes away from Sanrio Puroland. One of them is Keio Plaza Hotel Tama. Their main appeal is Hello Kitty-themed rooms. If you stay in the room, you will receive complimentary Hello Kitty products such as slippers, ribbon-shaped water bottle, skin care and more.

Image Source: The Straits Times.

Hello Kitty’s 45th Anniversary

In case some of you didn’t know, this year Hello Kitty celebrates its 45th anniversary by adding special activities called ‘My First Kitty’. Among the activities are meet and greet Hello Kitty at her Lady Kitty House where she will be dressed in a pink and lavender dress. The event will be held daily for 30 minutes soon after the park opens.

Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary.

From 18th January 2019 until 12th March 2019, ‘Sweets Puro’ event will be held in conjunction with the celebration of Valentine’s Day as well as welcoming the season for strawberry picking in Japan. Other than that, an illumination show called ‘Ichigo Ichie’ will be featuring Hello Kitty Land’s characters dressed in strawberry costumes. Be sure to visit Sanrio Puroland this year for more fun-filled activities.

Sweets Puro.

Sanrio Puroland

Address: 1-31 Ochiai, Tama, Tokyo, 206-8588, Japan

Operating Hours: 9:30AM-5:00PM (Varies from time to time)

Admission Fees: Weekdays ¥3,300 (Adults aged 18 and above), ¥2,500 (Children aged 3 to 17), Free (Children aged 2 and below)

Holidays: ¥3,800 (Adults aged 18 and above), ¥2,700 (Children aged 3 to 17), Free (Children aged 2 and below)

Contact Number:  +81-42-339-1111

Closest Train Station: Tama-Center Station


Keio Plaza Hotel Tama

Address: 1-43, Ochiai, Tama City, Tokyo, 206-0033 Japan

Contact Number: +81 42 374 0111

Closest Train Station:  Tama-Center Station


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