All You Need to Know About Toyosu Fish Market

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All You Need to Know About Toyosu Fish Market
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Before we delve deeper into Toyosu Fish Market, here is something you should know. This fish market was previously known as Tsukiji Fish Market and it was located in Tsukiji, Tokyo. The market has been operating for over 80 years and it was home to the famous tuna auction and many other stalls. The market received up to 40,000 visitors on a daily basis. Sadly, on September 15th 2018, they decided to shut down the fish market, leaving only the food stalls.

Tsukiji Fish Market. Image Source: Wikipedia.

On October 11th 2018, the fish market found their new home. Only 2 kilometres away from its original place, the fish market reopened its business under the name of Toyosu Fish Market. The market is twice the size of Tsukiji’s and almost 600 retailers migrated to the new location. In addition, Toyosu boasts three main buildings which two of them are for seafood and the other one is for fruits and vegetables. Most of the stalls you see in Toyosu are from Tsukiji Fish Market. In spite of that, there are some retailers chose not to move to Toyosu due to personal reasons.

Image Source: Wikipedia.

If you have been to Tsukiji Fish Market before, you’ll know that visitors can easily access the auction area to watch the lively scene. In Toyosu, visitors are not allowed to enter the area. They can only observe the auction from an observation deck behind a glass window. Although this new implementation might seem baffling and unsatisfying to some, we’re pretty sure they have their own reasons for this new rule.

Observation Deck. Image Source: SF Gate.

On a bright side, starting 15th January 2019, Toyosu will open a new place for tuna auction viewing. It will take place on an observation deck on the lower level which you need to apply a month before. They can only bring up to 120 people and will be separated into three groups of 40. Each group will have 10 minutes of viewing time. For March, the application date will start on February 4th until February 11th 2019. However, this viewing is limited to only seven days a month, so, please check their official website to know more about the dates of the following months.

Tuna auction. Image Source: Wikipedia.

In Tsukiji Fish Market, visitors need to arrive and queue as early as 2:00AM to watch the auction. Now, you only need to come at least before 6:30AM to get the best view behind the deck as the auction starts from either 5:30AM or 6:30AM. Apart from tuna auction, visitors can watch fruits and vegetable auction from the observation deck as well.

Also, keep an eye out for the colour of the floor at the tuna auction. It is different from the flooring in fruits and vegetables section. In the tuna auction, you will see a green floor. The green flooring will bring out the redness and freshness of the meat, thus making it easier for buyers to inspect the tuna.

Fruits and vegetable auction. Image Source: Wikipedia.

To purchase seafood, you can only get them in the form of meals within Toyosu’s restaurants and seafood building. Note that these seafood aren’t fresh, if you need fresh seafood, you have to go to Tsukiji.

After you are done touring the fish market, you can head to Wholesale Market Building to fill your stomach. Some of the restaurants here were from Tsukiji and it is the largest area of Toyosu Fish Market. One of the must-try here is Sushi Dai. It is said that they have the best fresh sushi in town and since it’s notoriously delicious, please expect the queue can be awfully long. Nevertheless, it’s worth a try for the non-regular visitors.

Sushi Dai. Image Source: Truly Tokyo.

Other than that, there are other seafood restaurants available for eating if you don’t like to wait long. You can also find coffee shops and soba noodles here.

After that, head to Uogashi Yokocho to purchase foods and products such as knives, souvenirs, fresh produce and more. These products can last for a long time and don’t get spoilt easily. With many interesting number of shops, say goodbye to your money as you will be spending a lot here! Compared to Tsukiji Fish Market, some of the visitors might be missing the chaos and loud environment because Toyosu feels more like a shopping mall instead of a wet market.

Rooftop Garden. Image Source: Japan Visitor.

Apart from that, visitors can also enter the rooftop garden area which offers you the best view of the city. Despite the name, the area actually has nothing special except for the view and a huge lawn. Still, it is worth going up the roof for an Instagram photo.

In addition, a new shrine has been constructed on the exterior part of Toyosu Fish Market called Uogashi Suijinja. It signifies as a shrine for a fish market on the shore.

Image Source: Japan Visitor.

There are still some parts in the building that aren’t assessable for the public since there are a lot of improvement that needs to be made in the upcoming years. Besides that, in 2022 and forth, Toyosu Fish Market is set to expand to a more diverse complex which will feature more restaurants, hot spring facility and also hotels. This way, visitors especially tourists won’t have to travel far to get to Toyosu Fish Market early in the morning.

Image Source: Wikipedia.

Overall, although Toyosu Fish Market doesn’t resemble the Tsukiji Fish Market, you can still come here to observe how tuna auction is held. Further upgrade will be enforced from time to time. In the meantime, enjoy the new Tsukiji Fish Market in an improved and modern surrounding.

How to Get Here?

From Toyosu Station, it will take around 20 minutes of walking time to Toyosu Fish Market. Instead, take a train to Yurikamome Line and embark at Shijo-mae Station which stops right at the market.

Toyosu Fish Market

Address: 6-6-1, Toyosu, Koto 135-0061, Tokyo Prefecture

Operating Hours: 5:00AM-5:00PM

Admission Fees: Free

Contact Number: +81-3-3520-8205

Closest Train Station: Shijo-mae Station



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