Muslim-Friendly ムスリム向け

January 30, 2018

Have an Ultimate Wasabi Experience in Nagano No ratings yet.

Most of us have already tried the Japanese wasabi or know what it is, but have you seen the making process of this spicy paste?
January 23, 2018

Sapporo Kanihonke Crab, a Japanese seafood experience in Nagoya No ratings yet.

If you are heading to the city of Nagoya, one of the things that you have to try is the famous Sapporo Crab.
December 26, 2017

Finding Halal Food in Sapporo, Hokkaido 5/5 (1)

Hokkaido is one of the up and coming Muslim-friendly destinations in Japan and in recent years, more Malaysians and Indonesians are heading to Sapporo...
December 21, 2017

Where to look for Muslim-Friendly Food in Nara No ratings yet.

Nara is becoming one of the new places to visit for Muslim travellers from Malaysia and the region, due mainly to travellers...
December 14, 2017

Finding Halal Food in Asakusa, Tokyo No ratings yet.

Asakusa is also famous for its local Japanese food, the non-halal ones. You can also find the famous street where they sell the...
December 11, 2017

Muslim-Friendly Kyoto 5/5 (1)

Kyoto in Japan is probably one of the most visited places for many travellers from around the world. Over the years, Kyoto has also seen an increase in...
October 24, 2017

Halal Food in Shinsaibashi, Osaka 5/5 (2)

If you have been to Osaka, you would know that Shinsaibashi is hands down the most popular place that most visitors will visit. And if you are a...
October 12, 2017

Find Delicious and Muslim-Friendly Restaurants in Japan! 5/5 (1)

Do you find it difficult to look for halal food or restaurants in Japan? Fret not! This article is here to save you some hassle from research...
October 10, 2017

Japan Airports with Surau and Prayer Rooms for Muslim Travellers No ratings yet.

One of the most important things for Muslims when it comes to travel is prayer rooms or Suraus. After Japan started embracing...