Forget Hotels and Ryokans, Let’s go Glamping!

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April 30, 2019
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Forget Hotels and Ryokans, Let’s go Glamping!
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Camping is undeniably a fun outdoor activity because we get to sleep under the stars, accompanied by towering trees, the faint sound of crickets and a vague sight of fire flickering outside the tent. Despite all, packing things for camping can be quite annoying as you need to bring tents along with its vital components.

Glamping derives from a portmanteau of two words which are ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. It is a new style of camping except you don’t need to bring any sleeping bags or tents. Glamping offers a luxurious form of camping in the woods where you will be sleeping in a room that is furnished with basic amenities such as a bathroom, bed and food service as if you are staying in a hotel.

You can actually go glamping in Japan as there have been quite a number of glamping establishments namely in Tokyo, Chiba, Yamanashi and so on. Aside from capsule hotels and ryokans, make glamping as one of your must-try accommodations in Japan. We are going to list down some of the popular glamping spots in Japan as recommended by many travel blogs.

Hoshinoya Fuji Hotel

This first-ever glamping resort in Japan is strategically located opposite of Mount Fuji and next to Lake Kawaguchi. Hoshinoya is famous for their luxurious hotels all over the world and when they opened up the first glamping resort, everyone wants to sleep here while enjoying the beautiful Fuji landscape.

View from outside and inside one of the cabins. Image Source:

The resort boasts 40 floors to ceiling glass window cabins with each offering the guests with a sublime view of Fuji-san. The cabins are equipped with comfy beds and en-suite bathroom. Also, there are tons of outdoor activities you can do here, for example, horse-riding, canoeing, mountain trekking and private electric bicycle tour.

There are three types of dining experiences offered by the resort, which are Dutch Oven Dinner (food cooked on a terrace in the forest), Dining Hall (dinner inside a hall) and Glamping Curry (food prepared in guest’s cabin).

Image Source:

Hoshinoya Fuji Hotel

Address: 1408 Oishi, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minami Tsuru-gun, Yamanashi, 401-0305

Contact Number:  +81-555-76-5050

Closest Train Station: 20 minutes from Kawaguchiko Station


Circus Outdoor Okutama

If you love the bohemian and gipsy-like lifestyle, then this is your perfect glamping resort. Circus Outdoor Okutama nestled in the woods overlooking the view of man-made Lake Okutama. Besides, this place is just two hours away from Tokyo.

Royal Griffin. Image Source: Traveler Luxe.

Circus Outdoor has one luxury tent and four regular tents. Each tent is decorated with vintage theme furniture inspired by the 19th-century European tents. The largest tent is known as Royal Griffin which costs ¥150,000 per person. It can fit up to only two people. The other tents are; Jump’n Jackalope, Sheep Ship, Blueberry Unicorn and Pink Elephant. All tent includes a sofa and a bed. The bathroom can be found near the common area.

Each day, there will be a deep-breathing workshop handled by a yoga instructor. Circus Outdoor is still relatively new as there isn’t much to do here. More activities will be added to the site soon.

Image Source: Traveler Luxe.

 Circus Outdoor Okutama

Address: 290-1 Kawano, Okutama, Nishitama District, Tokyo 198-0225

Contact Number: N/A

Closest Train Station: Okutama Station


Glamp Element

One of the popular glamping resorts in Shiga Prefecture, Glamp Element houses to all sorts of outdoor activities in which you can take pleasure of throughout your stay. The resort is similar to a small harmonious neighbourhood covered in lush meadows and a central pond.

From top to bottom: Wood Cabin, Lotus Tent and White Tent. Image Source: Glamp Elements Official Website.

There are about 15 rooms built encircling the pond and three main tents inside Glamp Element; Lotus Tent, White Tent and Wooden Cabin. They incorporate four main elements of nature (Fire, Water, Soil and Wind) and chemical elements (Gold, Iron and Lead) inside each structure. The purpose is to create a perfect balance for the ecosystem.

Additionally, guests can fully utilize Glamp Element’s public facilities for their own convenience whether to soak in the open-air bath, golfing, bar, lounge, tennis or canoeing around the pond. Overall, this resort is very suitable for large groups.

Image Source: Japan Daisuki on Blogspot.

Glamp Element

Address: 60 Ikeshita, Yonehara, Shiga Prefecture 521-221, Shiga

Contact Number: 0749-55-3755

Closest Train Station: JR Omi Nagaoka Station


The Farm

The Farm combines camping, glamping and farming all in one place. Tucked away in Chiba Prefecture, The Farm is only 90 minutes from the busy Tokyo. Not only they include camping and glamping, but there is also an onsen, BBQ pits, outdoor movie screenings and several outdoor activities such as canoeing and zip lining. Moreover, farming includes harvesting vegetables planted around the site.

Image Source: Savvy Tokyo.

For glamping, The Farm has five main lodges; Riverside (suitable for a family), Junior Suite, Cliff Suite, Villa and Forest. Camping and glamping area are isolated from one another but both are situated very near to the onsen. If you plan to barbeque, The Farm will equip you with everything you need including the cooking ingredients and utensils.

                                                  Junior Suite.                                                                                                    Forest.

The Farm

Address: 738 Nishitabe, Katori, Chiba 287-0103, Japan

Contact Number: 0478–79–0666

Closest Train Station: Kurimotoeki Station


Ise-Shima Everglades

This American-styled glamping resort can be reached by passing through Ise-Shima National Park, Mie Prefecture. Visitors will be feasted with all American-themed food, drinks and event celebration like Halloween, Easter Day, Valentine’s Day and more!

Image Source: Ise-Shima Everglades Official Website.

Their cabins are named after United States’ states which are Lousiana, Miami, Florida, California and so on. As for glamping lodges, Everglades offers three kinds of room, for instance, Carib, Safari Tent and Jellyfish. All room comes with a private canoe, bath, hammock, bed and other necessary comforts.

Among the activities you can do here are like pedal boat and canoeing. As for the communal facilities, there is a pool, Wi-Fi, souvenir shop and a dog run field. On top of that, Everglades is a disabled-friendly resort as they also provide cabins with wheelchair ramps and disabled toilets.

Safari Tent. Image Source: Ise-Shima Everglades Official Website.

Ise-Shima Everglades

Address: 1365-10 Isobechō Anagawa, Shima, Mie 517-0213

Contact Number: +81 0120-592-364

Closest Train Station: Kintetsu Anagawa Station



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