Explore Chiba as a Muslim Traveller

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Explore Chiba as a Muslim Traveller
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Most travellers to Japan just want to visit Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and maybe Hokkaido, but what happens after you have visited these locations and have fallen in love with Japan? Well, it is time to explore a new prefecture and Chiba is one of the recommended Muslim-friendly destinations. Chiba is a neighboring prefecture to Tokyo, and also the location where Narita Airport is located.

Narita Airport, one of the main gateway into Japan.
Photo by Yazan Badranon on Flickr / CC BY 2.0

To begin with, Narita Airport itself has a number of halal restaurants located in the main terminal. For instance at Narita Terminal 1, you can find Kineya Mugimaru Homemade Udon Noodles, a halal restaurant at the terminal’s 5th floor. For first timers in Japan, this famous Udon noodle would be your entry into the halal world of traditional Japanese food.

Business Hours: 7.30 AM – 8.30 PM

One of the Halal dishes at Mugimaru in Narita Airport.
If you desire to try something besides Udon, you can head to Narita Terminal 2 and look for Agetate no Aji Tentei Tempura Restaurant on the fourth floor of the terminal. This halal-certified restaurant serves very good selection of Japanese food like tempura noodles, bento box sets, soba noodle sets and other interesting sets.

Business hours: 7.30 AM – 8.30 PM

At Terminal 2, you can also find La Toque, a restaurant serving certified halal Japanese curry dishes. This is also a great place to enjoy some coffee and snacks for those who don’t want a heavy meal.

Business hours: 7.30 AM – 8.00 PM

Apart from restaurants, you can find a total of six prayer rooms at all three terminals in Narita. There are two prayer rooms before and after the passport control zone in each terminals. Please see this prayer room map for their locations.

A unique upside down monorail in Chiba.

Halal Accommodations in Chiba

There are Muslim-friendly hotels located nearby the Narita Airport area and these hotels serve as a layover from connecting flights. In some cases, Muslim visitors who want to explore the Chiba prefecture can also opt to stay at any of the hotels below.

1. Hot Springs Makuhari Hotel

One of the well-known hotels in this prefecture for a Muslim-friendly stay is the Hotel Springs Makuhari, located in the Mihama Ward. This location is perfect for anyone who wants to explore a more vibrant area of Chiba. Located at the bay area, you can find an array of interesting things to do from factory outlet shopping, park visits and visiting Tokyo DisneySea.

This hotel has full halal compliance with certifications from Nippon Asia Halal Association (NAHA), their rooms come with prayer facilities and there is even a full service Surau for both men and women.

For Muslim visitors who want to experience Tokyo DisneySea and other attractions in the bay area, it only takes a 35-minute journey via direct train from the hotel.

2. Marroad International Hotel Narita

If you prefer staying closer to the airport, there is the Marroad International Hotel Narita – an 800 room hotel located just next to the airport. They are not 100% certified halal, but they do offer Muslim-friendly meals for guest and it is available through advance booking. As for prayer facilities, prayer mats and compasses are available on request.

Vending machines by Family Mart at the Narita Rest House.

3. Narita Airport Rest House

This is a Muslim-friendly budget hotel. They offer a Muslim-Friendly Plan that includes halal meals and facilities. This plan includes standard rooms, day use room and an early bird plan for those who book 30 days in advance. A standard twin room plan will cost around ¥7000 to ¥9000 per person and you must inform the hotel that you want the Muslim-friendly plan.

View of Tokyo Disney Sea at night.
Photo by Luke Ma on Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Tokyo DisneySea For Muslim Travellers

Planning to visit one of the most exciting theme parks in Japan? Unfortunately, Tokyo DisneySea does not offer any halal service. You would have to either bring your own food or choose from these five restaurants that serves seafood or vegetarian dishes.

  1. Cafe Portofino: Located at Mediterranean Harbour, choices include seafood platters or pastas.
  2. Ristorante Di Canaletto: Located at Mediterranean Harbour, they offer seafood dishes and also vegetarian dishes.
  3. New York Deli: Located at the American Waterfront, here you can order the smoked salmon, shrimp bagel and also french fries cooked with vegetable oil in a dedicated fryer.
  4. Cape Cod Cook-Off: Located in the American Waterfront, you could order the Cod fish burger set.
  5. Sebastian Calypso Kitchen: Located at Mermaid’s Lagoon, choices include seafood dishes like pizza.

Takaraya Restaurant in Kisarazu-shi

If you are headed over to the Kisarazu City, you can find the 120 year old Takaraya Restaurant which offers Muslim -friendly meals. However, you must book in advance and inform them that you want Muslim-friendly meals and also a prayer area. Takaraya Restaurant is well known for their Shokado Bento and Japanese set meals.

Other Halal Restaurants in Chiba

Generally, when you see an Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern or Egyptian restaurant, they are all halal. Not all are 100% certified halal, and may sell alcohol because Japanese love to have beer with their meals, especially during summer. Well, you can just order the food and get soft drinks when you visit some of these restaurants.

The Halal Bento that is delivered to you anywhere in Tokyo

Special Halal Bento Delivery around Tokyo Area

For those who need proper halal food, you can have halal Japanese food in a bento delivered directly to you. This is a very modern and specialized service offered by Japan Jaha Bento which provides self-heating bento.

Japan Jaha Bento delivers special self-heating bento to the vicinity of Tokyo or greater Tokyo area, and of course there is a delivery charge, but be assured that this is a 100% halal food service. The company offers delivery services to DisneySea for a fee of ¥1000, versus the ¥500 for the Tokyo area. You could also visit their Facebook page.

Email: jahaltdco@gmail.com

The Chiba Mosque in Inage Ward.

Mosque in Chiba

There are currently four main mosque in Chiba.

Chiba Mosque: Located in Inage Ward, 20 minutes’ drive from the Hot Springs Makuhari Hotel.

Chiba Islamic Cultural Center (CICC): Also located in Inage Ward.

Taqwa Mosque: Located in the Sanmu area towards the east of Chiba. A community mosque for those living in the Chiba area.

Bilal Mosque: Located in the Kisarazu City area.

Do take note that most mosques in Japan are either located in commercial office lots or stand along structures. Other smaller mosque in the Chiba prefecture include Hyuga Masjid Chiba, Shiroi Masjid Kashiwa Chiba, and Yotsukaido Masjid Chiba.

Places with Prayer Rooms around Chiba

Some tourist attractions do offer prayer rooms for Muslim travellers and they are listed below based on the popularity. You should know that these prayer rooms are not your common surau, but more of a room with prayer facilities for both men and women.

Visitors at Shisui Premium Outlets.

1. Shisui Premium Outlets

One of the more popular shopping experiences in Chiba is the Shisui Premium Outlets. For those who want to get some good deals on brands, this is the place to visit. The outlet have prayer rooms for both men and women, and you need to enquire the main information area about this.

The AEON Mall.
Another shopping haven is the AEON Mall in Makuhari New City, located in the Mihama Ward and nearby the Hot Springs Makuhari Hotel, which is also a halal compliant hotel. There are no halal food inside the mall but around the vicinity there are some Muslim-friendly restaurants.

For more information, you can visit the Chiba Tourism website. I hope these information would be helpful to you when you travel to Chiba. All in all, Chiba is a prefecture worth exploring with these muslim-friendly services!

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