Travel Apps

December 7, 2018

Must-Have Travel Apps on Your Phone No ratings yet.

These highly recommended travel apps will be able to guide you from booking cheap flights and hotels to guided private tours.
June 8, 2018

An Easy Guide for First-time Muslim Travel to Japan 5/5 (1)

As a first-timer to Japan for a Muslim, it is perfectly normal to feel a little anxious about how to get around the country and adhere to the Muslim lifestyle...
February 2, 2018

5 Travel Essentials when you go to Japan No ratings yet.

That time of the year is here again! Whether travel is your yearly pilgrimage or simply something you have to do or else you will go crazy, we all have to pack our bags...
January 24, 2018

Don’t have a travel guide? No problem! These 7 Apps will help you No ratings yet.

How nice would it be if you have a personal tour guide to show you around your holiday destination? Such service is considered a luxury to some of us, but thanks to today’s technology...