Best Beaches To Visit In Okinawa

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August 8, 2018
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Best Beaches To Visit In Okinawa
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If you are planning to visit Okinawa, then the beaches here are guaranteed to be visited by you, but which beach would you end up visiting? Or how many beaches do you plan to visit? This article provides you with information on some of the best beaches found on the main Okinawa island.

Okinawa is a Japanese tropical Island, located quite close to Taiwan and is 640 kilometers south of Japan. The island is highly popular among the Japanese and Asians as a tourist destination that offers a mixture of Hawaii and Japan in one place.

Remember, there are many islands around Okinawa, but those places require boat travel or even flights to some of them. This list is only focusing on the main Okinawa island beaches.

Mibaru Beach

The beautiful scenery of Mibaru Beach. Photo AwolJunkie.

Nearest to Naha city is Mibaru beach, which is located on the south eastern shore of Okinawa Island, This beautiful beach stretches for a kilometer along and some sections of the beach are rather rough, so you will need to find the perfect spot for your activities.

Mibaru Beach

Admission: Free, ¥500 parking fee

How to get here: Take Bus No. 39 from Kencho-Minami-Guchi bus stop which takes you to the terminal stop at Mibaru Beach. The journey takes approximately an hour and costs ¥780one way.

Emerald Beach at Ocean Expo Park

Emerald Beach in Okinawa. Photo Wikipedia

Located at Okinawa Ocean Expo Park and next to the popular Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Emerald Beach is one of the popular beaches that visitors love. This beach offers white sand, and just like the name, the emerald green sea stretches out across the horizon.

There are beachfront stores where you can rent items like parasols and life jackets. There are also free showers for visitors after swimming in the sea. This is one of the very popular beaches in Okinawa.

Emerald Beach

Admission: Free, free parking at Ocean Expo Park

How to get here: From Two hours and 15 minutes via airport limousine bus. Exit at the Kinen Koen bus stop.

Manza Beach

A section of Manza Beach. Photo by TravelingOtter Flickr. CC by 2.0.

One of the most famous beaches in Okinawa is called Manza Beach, and is located at the ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort. This soft sand beach stretches for about 300 meters, and is highly popular, especially in the summer time.

Manza beach also offers many facilities and activities such as parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving and other activities.

Manza Beach

Admission: Free

How to get here: 100 minutes via Via airport limousine bus (¥1700).

Sunset Beach

Sunset at American Village. Photo by Daniel Ramirez Flickr. CC by 2.0.

Located just by the famous Mihama American Village, Sunset Beach is very popular among the locals and tourist. In the evenings, this place gets really crowded with all walks of life as a majority come here to catch the Okinawa sunset.

This 250 meter long beach is probably your one stop area for everything which includes sunset viewing, beach activities, shopping and entertainment.

Sunset Beach

Admission: Free

How to get here: One hour via airport limousine bus (¥800), get off at The Beach Tower Okinawa.

Okuma Beach

Okuma Beach. Photo by Cpl. Megan Angel. Public Domain.

Located at the JAL Private Resort in the northwest part of Okinawa Island, this one kilometer beach offers natural and beautiful white sand, and less crowds. For anyone wanting privacy, this is the beach to visit. There are quite a number of water sports and beach facilities available at Okuma beach.

Okuma Beach

Admission: 750 yen per person, 500 yen parking fee

How to get here: From Naha, take Highway Bus No. 111 headed to the Nago Bus Terminal, and switch at the Nago Bus Terminal. Then take Okinawa Bus No. 67 Hentona Line headed for Hentona Bus Terminal, get off at Okuma Beach stop. Total travel time is 3.5 hours (¥3,140).

Zanpa Beach

The stunning cliff at Zanpa Beach. Photo Kadena Air Base. Public Use.

This is one of the stunning landscaped beaches in Okinawa which is located near a steep 30-meter cliff and at the fart western part of Okinawa Island. This beach is popular due to the beautiful scenery and amazing sea water colors.

Many locals and tourist come here for the sunset views, water sport activities and to take photographs. The beach has designated swimming and water sport areas and there is a section for beach volleyball too.

Zanpa Beach

Admission: Free, no parking fees

How to get here: From Naha Bus Terminal to Yomitan Bus Terminal, 90 minutes by bus (¥1080 yen), then another 30 minutes from Yomitan Bus Terminal on foot.

Moon Beach

Aerial view of Moon Beach. Photo Booking.Com. Labeled for Reuse.

This is one of the romantic beaches in Okinawa main island and is located at the Hotel Moon Beach. The white sand beach here gets its name from the crescent shaped bay area which resembles a moon.

All around the beach, you can find over 350 palm trees which provides visitors with a tropical feeling. Activities include just relaxing here on this beautiful beach which is a private property of the

Moon Beach Resort.

Moon Beach

Admission: 500 yen per person, 500 yen parking fee

How to get here: Take the airport limousine bus from Naha Airport which is a 65 minutes journey (¥1,500) and get off at Hotel Moon Beach.

Itoman Bibi Beach

Beautiful day at Itoman Bibi Beach. Photo Prince47070 Flickr. CC by 2.0.

The Itoman Bibi Beach is located in front of the Southern Beach Hotel and is a closed off beach with a wave breaker in the distance. This white sand beach here is entirely man made, but is highly popular among the hotel guest, and is also open to the public.

Many like this beach because it is a great place to swim as it has deep areas and the bottom is not rocky, but sandy. If you want peace and quiet, this is not the place because planes fly over and there are restaurants, cafes and bars with music. However, this is a good place If you like barbecues, drinks and hang out with a group of friends.

Itoman Bibi Beach

Admission: Free, Parking ¥500

Access: From the Naha Bus Terminal Yui Rail Akamine Ekimae stop, take Okinawa Bus 89 on the Itoman Line (25 minutes, 450 yen). Get off at Itoman and take a taxi for five minutes or walk for 40 minutes to the beach.

Azama Sun Sun Beach

View of the beach at Azama Sun Sun. Photo Wikipedia. CC by SA 4.0.

This is another beach in the Southeast of Okinawa and located next to the Azama port in Nanjo City. This double crescent beach is highly popular with the locals and also tourist, simply due to the location, white sand and clear waters.

Come summer, Azama Sunsun beach gets really crowded and a lot of water sport activities take place here. If you dislike crowds, then this is best avoided, but if you come off season, it will be a beautiful and quiet beach. Everything at the beach is chargeable, showers, wash rooms and so on.

Azama Sunsun Beach

Admission: Free, Parking ¥500

Access: From Naha Bus Terminal, one hour on Toyo Bus No. 38, get off at the Azama Sansan Beach stop (¥780).

Chura Sun Beach

The white sands of Chura Sun Beach. Photo WikiJapan. CC By SA 4.0.

Another very popular beach in the southern part of Okinawa is the Chura Sun Beach at the Toyosaki Seaside Park. This double beach is only 15 minutes from the Okinawa Airport, and minutes away from the Ashibinna Outlet Mall.

Facilities include a barbecue rental area, cafes, an outdoor sports area, a rental bike center, a marine sports area, shops, an outdoor stage, lockers and shower rooms. This beach gets really crowded in the summer time and expect planes flying overhead when you are here.

Chura Sun Beach

Admission: Free, Parking Free

How to get here: Take bus line 55, 56, 88 or 98 to “Michi-no-eki-Toyosaki” bus stop and then walk towards the ocean.

There are of course many other beaches found all over Okinawa main island, and it is entirely up to you to explore them. Some of them are really beautiful and secluded, and you need to rent a car or ask locals how to get there.

Overall, if you are a visitor to Okinawa, you will most likely be spending around five to six days here, and in this time, you will have a couple of days to explore a few beaches only, hence this list shares some of the best beaches in Okinawa worth exploring when you are here.


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