6 Recommended Buys from Japan During Winter

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September 13, 2017
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6 Recommended Buys from Japan During Winter
3/5 (2)
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Travelling to Japan during winter is typically an exhilarating experience, especially for tourist from tropical regions who have little or no experience with the extreme cold climate. I’m happy to recommend the following 6 great purchases from Japan to make your winter safer, warmer and more comforting.

1) Disposable Cute Face Mask

Wearing face mask outdoor is a common sight in Japan especially when one is sick; did not put on makeup; and want to avoid communicating with others. During winter, the face mask plays another important function of keeping the nose area warm and reducing the probability of catching a cold. As such, you may like to incorporate the face mask into your overall winter outfit. Face masks are aplenty in Japan, in varying designs, flavors and materials such as disposable or cloth mask. You can easily get nice and cute printed face masks from convenience stores, fashion boutiques, DAISO or even Don Quijote, the popular discount store in Japan.

2) Heat Pads

Heat pad is one of the greatest inventions to beat the harsh winter cold! You can stick them on your body for additional hidden warmth, such as on your foot sole or even tummy. I personally like to stick them in the pockets of my winter jacket. As they are conveniently available in DAISO, convenience stores and pharmacies, and lower-priced than in Singapore (DAISO sells at 100 yen), it is recommended to buy them in Japan directly than lugging from home.

3) Non-Slip Cleats

Walking on slippery snowy grounds can be a terrifying experience especially if you are on grounds of icy snow, which have yet to melt. Unless you are already wearing winter boots, it is recommended that you buy winter non-slip cleats that are available at convenience stores or any shoe shops. These shoe guards can be easily fitted over existing footwear with no buckles or straps and its non-slip studs offers traction on ice and snow. Now, you can walk in peace, without the worry of falling.

4) Shiseido Water In Lip Moisturizer and Kose Sekkisui Facial Masks

Lack of humidity in winter climate tends to cause chapped lips and the savior to this uncomfortable situation would be applying lip moisturizer or lip balm. A recommended buy is Shiseido Water in Lip Moisturizer from Japanese pharmacies. This line of products under Shiseido Brand are very hydrating, with SPF18 and so affordable at only 350 yen. Do note that they are not distributed in Singapore and Malaysia, as such make great gifts for friends and family too.

Shiseido Water In Lip Pure Skin Lip Moisturiser

Shiseido Water In Lip Medicated UV Lip Moisturiser

Regardless your skin type and complexion, you will tend to experience dryness, or even more oily skin (due to excessive dryness in your complexion) during winter. I will definitely try to hunt down the Kose Sekkisui skincare series exclusively available in 7-11 stores countrywide. The winter limited-edition masks soaked with 30ml of Kose Sekkisui lotion are highly raved upon and 1 piece is enough to restore a well-moisturized complexion for at least the next 2-3 days.

5) Waterproof Spray

I used to restrict myself to carrying only non-leather bags during winter until I was introduced to this little savior in Japan. Tada! A waterproof spray!!! Now, with this spray, I can comfortably carry leather products as long as they are coated with a protective layer from this mighty can, and need not worry about them getting wet and mouldy from the snow. I soon found out that almost every shoe shop in Japan carries different brands of waterproof spray. Do remember to spray them on your shoes and bags, and you can continue using them during rainy days in Singapore & Malaysia! 1 can cost around 900 yen.

6) TIGER Thermal Flask

It’s strange but somehow, most F&B establishments continue serving complimentary icy cold water during winter! If you prefer to drink warm water, I would recommend you to carry a small thermal flask in your bag. It is generally cheaper to buy TIGER thermal flask in Japan and my favorite is a small 200ml flask, which can easily fit into most bags.

I hope these recommendations will enhance your winter holiday experience! Enjoy the cold climate!

She found her first love for Japan at the tender age of 7 when she was exposed to Hello Kitty. She spent her teens immersing in J-pop culture and has accumulated more than 17 F&E trips to Japan till date. She especially love shopping and visiting kawaii themed cafes in Tokyo, and look forward to share her travel experiences and tips with all Japan travel lovers alike.

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