5 Essential Winter Wear Buys from Japan Directly!

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September 13, 2017
6 Recommended Buys from Japan During Winter No ratings yet.
September 13, 2017
5 Essential Winter Wear Buys from Japan Directly!
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Singapore and Malaysia’s all-year summer season leaves us with no experience in surviving natural snow and winter climate. As such, packing for a first winter holiday may become a daunting experience for some. In fact, I was so anxious to equip myself against the cold climate that my luggage for my first winter trip was overweight and over-packed! Now, having experienced a few winter holidays in Japan, I am happy to share with you 5 essential winter wear, which are better off getting them in Japan directly for a warm and comfortable winter vacation!

1) Inner Thermal Wear

Most people are familiar with the HEATTECH thermal wear range from Uniqlo. If you would like a greater variety of colours and cuttings (such as varying sleeve lengths), you can also buy them from lingerie section in departmental stores or even lingerie / home wear shops along shopping streets.

Shown below: Triumph’s thermal wear with hot spring water treatment from Niigata Tsukioka Onsen for great moisture retention and hygroscopic heat buildup, as well as a moisturizing and smooth texture in nice burgundy.

Shown below: Wacoal’s warmest cotton series ½ sleeve thermal wear that is blended with acrylic and cotton yarn in warm pink. Made in Japan.

If you have low tolerance against cold, wearing just a set of HEATTECH thermal wear may not be sufficient to keep you warm. I would recommend you another great buy from Japan – the Ultra-Thin Thermal Wear.

“Powdery Inner” – an ultra-thin thermal wear range produced by S.Mile and manufactured in Shikoku, Japan is my all-time favorite thermal wear. Because of its ultra-thin and light material (resembling stockings material) at 0.25mm and weighing only 45 grams, I sometimes even wear them during cold spring and autumn. During warm winter, you can wear it on its own or pair it up with thicker thermal wear, such as HEATTECH from Uniqlo when temperature drops. The thin material also allows you to wash them frequently as they dry very fast. Available in 4 colors, I would recommend the nude color so that it doesn’t show under light colored clothing. Do note that the top and bottom wear are sold separately. Powdery Inner can either be purchased online from Rakuten or Amazon, or alternatively from PLAZA – a Japanese lifestyle store with more than 130 outlets countrywide, most outlets located either at major train stations or departmental stores. Cost of Powdery Inner: approximately between 1,000 yen – 1,300 yen.

2) Winter Leggings / Jeans / Skiing Pants

Do not mistaken thermal wear leggings with winter leggings. Thermal wear leggings are inner wear (like a pile-on layer to your lingerie), which you do not expose to others. Winter leggings are outer winter wear and as such, come in various attractive designs and thick materials. For additional warmth and protection from the harsh winter winds, I will sometimes pair my winter leggings with a layer of ultra-thin thermal leggings underneath (example: Powdery Inner introduced earlier). An amazing recommended legging is the “Magic Pile Tights” manufactured by Train Corporation. It is so warm that I can just wear it on its own without any thermal leggings! They are also found in PLAZA.

Besides winter leggings, jeans and skiing pants are also great bottom wears that can protect you from the winter cold. I personally prefer wearing jeans or winter leggings (paired with ultra-thin thermal bottoms underneath), which look better and more stylish than skiing pants though skiing pants are waterproof. If you travel frequently during winter, you might want to invest in a pair of winter jeans from Levi’s, only available during winter. Levi’s carries a range for performance warm jeans that are woven with Thermolite® technology fibers, to lock in body heat, promote insulation and keep the legs warm. Do note that this range of jeans would however be too warm for Singapore or Malaysia climate.

3) Winter Jacket, Scarf, Cap

Go stylish with winter shopping in Japan and immerse in their creative, adventurous dressing style!

I would recommend you to visit outlets during winter as they sell off-season clothing from summer, or autumn, which are suitable for Singapore weather. Typically, it is more expensive to buy winter jackets in non-winter countries (such as Singapore and Malaysia). I have a personal preference for buying winter jackets in Japan as they come in much greater varieties and more feminine designs that go well with dresses and are at similar or lower pricing that those in Singapore. You may like to buy winter jacket with detachable thick inner so that you can continue to wear the thinner layer during Spring or Autumn or even during cold rainy days back home. If you have sufficient baggage allowance, I would highly recommend you to bring at least 2 sets of winter jackets as your winter jacket tend to smell and get soiled after 2-3 days, especially if you visit BBQ or ramen restaurants.

Shown below: Pink winter jacket from L’est Rose at Karuizawa Premium Outlet at 3,300 yen during a winter sale.

Shown below: White winter jacket from Pole Town at Sapporo, Hokkaido at approximately 1,600 yen during a super sale.

Shown below: Khaki winter jacket with detachable thick inner from Sapporo, Hokkaido at approximately 7,300 yen.

Shown below: The same jacket is worn without the thick inner during autumn.

Besides winter jacket, wearing winter cap and scarf help to retain and regulate your body temperature. You will be able to find a huge variety of winter cap and scarf in Japan itself. Go bold with the colors to accessorize and brighten up your overall look! Winter scarf is also a fun part of a winter outfit and wearing bold and colorful ones could accessorize and brighten up your overall look.

4) Hand Gloves with Hidden Fingers Cut-Out

Wearing gloves during winter always becomes a dreadful experience when you want to swipe your phone or take photos because you have to remove your gloves and expose your unprotected hands to the harsh wind and snow! ? As such, I was thrilled to find this set of hand gloves with hidden fingers cut-out from an-zu, located along Pole Town in Sapporo. Though it cost a bit more at around 1,600 yen, it remains as one of my best buys as my hands can start protected all day long outdoor! As such, I highly recommend you to keep a look out for such gloves when shopping.

5) Winter Socks

Temperature differences between indoor and outdoor during winter trigger excessive sweating and as such, it is recommended to change your socks regularly. Instead of bringing over boring designs from home, I would highly recommend you to get them from Japan directly. Massive beautiful designs can be found in Tabio, an established Japanese manufacturer and retailer of socks. Because of its high quality, Tabio socks are priced higher than other competitor brands, starting from 800yen a pair. I personally prefer buying ladies socks from tutu anna, though made in China, has good quality and variety of feminine winter socks, typically priced at 3 for 1000 yen.

I hope you like these recommended winter wear buys from Japan. Do consider freeing up the luggage space when you pack and instead, buy them from Japan directly, at a lower price with higher quality, and more unique and beautiful designs!

She found her first love for Japan at the tender age of 7 when she was exposed to Hello Kitty. She spent her teens immersing in J-pop culture and has accumulated more than 17 F&E trips to Japan till date. She especially love shopping and visiting kawaii themed cafes in Tokyo, and look forward to share her travel experiences and tips with all Japan travel lovers alike.

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