10 Lesser Known Anime & Manga Museums in Japan

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April 11, 2019
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10 Lesser Known Anime & Manga Museums in Japan
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Anime is truly one of Japan’s wonders because of its powerful influence on the pop-culture world. Before this, Astro Boy was named as the first anime when it was aired back in 1963. However, during the early 2000s, a dealer found a collection of films from a family in Kyoto. He brought the collection to Matsumoto, an iconography expert at Osaka to inspect the content. Then, Matsumoto found an old filmstrip of an anime called Katsudō Shashin. He and other experts assumed that the anime was made sometime before 1912. So, as it turns out, Katsudō Shashin was the first anime ever created in Japan.

As you are well aware, Japan has a lot of museums dedicated to manga artists or the anime/manga itself. One of the famous anime/manga museums in Japan is The Ghibli Museum. In this article, we would like to introduce you to other lesser-known anime and manga museums you must visit.

Toei Animation Museum

Image Source: Toei Animation Museum Official Website.

Anime creator for popular series such as One Piece, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball, Toei Animation Studio opened a museum in Tokyo on July 2018. As you enter the museum, you will notice a Toei Animation’s mascot, Pero, in front of the entrance. Inside, there is a huge screen displaying all Toei’s works for the past years. You can also see original drawings of your favourite Toei’s anime and how it was created.

                                            Entrance.                                                                                       Life-sized figures.

While you are here, take a picture with life-sized figures placed inside the museum. Before you leave, go to the Gift Shop to purchase limited edition merchandises.

Toei Animation Museum

Address: 2-10-5 Higashioizumi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 178-8567

Closest Train Station: Seibu Ikebukuro Line Oizumi Gakuen Station North Exit

Operating Hours: 10:00AM-5:00PM

Admission Fee: Free

Contact Number: 03-5905-5115

Website: https://museum.toei-anim.co.jp

Bandai Museum

For a hardcore collector of toys such as Power Rangers, Sailor Moon and all popular anime, this is your heaven on earth!

Bandai Museum, Tochigi was moved from its original location in Chiba. The museum features four main areas namely, Japan Toy Museum, World Toy Museum. Hobby Museum and Edison Museum. In total, there are more than 35,000 toys displayed inside the museum.

Image Source: You in Japan.

Japan Toy Museum exhibits Japanese toys since the Edo Period until the current year from Masked Rider, Astro Boy, Mazinger Z and others. In World Toy, they brought some of London Toy Museum and displayed it here where you will see a 250 years old antique doll, a 19th-century moving coal mine and a Victorian dollhouse. Meanwhile, in Hobby Museum, this is where the life-sized Gundam collections are displayed. Lastly, an area dedicated to Thomas Edison, present some of his earliest inventions like the telephone, gramophone and toaster in Edison Museum.

Gundam and toys collection.

Bandai Museum

Address: 3-6-20, Omochanomachi, Mibu-machi Shimotsuga-gun, Tochigi, 321-0202, Japan

Operating Hours: 10:00AM-4:30PM

Admission Fee: ¥1,000 (Adults (aged 16 and above), ¥600 (Children aged 4 until 15) ¥ 800 (Seniors aged 65 and above), Free (Children under 3)

Contact Number: 0282-86-2310

Closest Train Station: Omochanomachi station

Website: https://www.bandai-museum.jp

Yokohama Anpanman Children’s Museum

Anpanman is a Japanese superhero illustrated book for children debuted in 1973. After that, he was adapted into an anime series and became popular among children in Japan. In total, there are five Anpanman museums in Japan which are in Yokohama, Nagoya, Sendai, Kobe, and Fukuoka.

Image Source: Matcha Japan.

In Yokohama, the museum is separated into a museum and a mall. This museum is very suitable for children as it is interactive and fun. The first floor of the museum is Wanpaku Town, where you can watch live performances and musical numbers. The second floor is Fureai Town. There are UFO car, train ride and craft making class. On the third floor, Nakayoshi Town is the place for children to ride Anpanman-Go! and see Anpanman diorama.

Live performances by Anpanman characters. Image Source: Yokohama Anpanman Children’s Museum Official Website.

Yokohama Anpanman Children’s Museum

Address: 4-3-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012, Kanagawa Prefecture

Operating Hours: 10:00AM-6:00PM

Contact Number: 045-227-8855

Admission Fee: ¥1,500 (Children aged 1 and above)

Closest Train Station: Shin-Takashima Station

Website: http://www.yokohama-anpanman.jp

Ome Akatsuka Fujio Museum

Image Source; Life in Tokyo.

Situated in a small town of Ome, Tokyo is a museum dedicated to the late Fujio Akatsuka, the creator of Tensai Bakabon and Osomatsu-kun during the 1960s.

The two storey building reveals the life of Akatsuka before he passed away in 2008. On the first floor, you will find some weird displays and also a cut-out cardboard statue of Osomatsu-kun. On the second floor, they built a replica of Akatsuka’s apartment which he shared with legendary manga artists, Osamu Tezuka and Fujiko F. Fujio. See also original manuscripts of his anime series hanged on the wall.

                      Osomatsu-kun’s cut-out statue.                                                  Replica of Akatsuka’s apartment.

Ome Akatsuka Fujio Museum

Address: 66 Sumie-cho, Ome, Tokyo 198-0084

Operating Hours: 10:00AM–5:00PM (Closed every Monday)

Admission Fee: ¥450 (Adults), ¥250 (Children)

Contact Number: 0428-20-0355

Closest Train Station: JR Ome Station

Website: http://ome-akatsukafujio-museum.com

Chibi Maruko Chan Land

A popular petite character, Chibi Maruko Chan has her very own wonderland. Located at S-Pulse Dream Plaza in Shizuoka, this museum consists of paid and free zones. The paid zone is where you get to see a replica of Maruko’s classroom, kitchen, living room and more. You can also rent Maruko, Tama-chan, Hanawa-kun, Noguchi-san, Migiwa-san as well as Shirogasaki’s costumes for ¥300.

Image Source: Japan Hoppers.

Throughout the area, you will meet Maruko’s entire family members including her grandparents in each room. There are also late Momoko Sakura’s original drawings of the series arranged inside. In the free zone, you can purchase Chibi Maruko Chan’s merchandises and snacks.

Replicas of Chibi Maruko Chan’s house.

Chibi Maruko Chan Land

Address: 13-15 Irifunemachi, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka

Operating Hours: 10:00AM-8:00PM

Admission Fee: ¥600 (Adults aged 13 and above), ¥300 (Children aged 3 and above), Free (Children aged 2 and below), ¥500 (Disabled people and seniors aged 65 and above)

Contact Number: +81-054-354-3360

Closest Train Station: Shimizu Station

Website: http://www.chibimarukochan-land.com

Ishinomori Manga Museum

Image Source: Japan Tax-Free Shop.

If you watched or read Kamen Rider or Cyborg 009, you must be familiar with the name Ishinomori Shotaro. Ishinomori was the creator of these two popular series during the 1960s to 1970s. The Ishinomori Manga Museum was built to exhibit Ishinomori’s works throughout his career as a manga artist. In this museum, each floor displays Cyborg 009 and Kamen Rider’s figures including fun areas. You can also view and read some of his original artworks plus drawings, of his popular manga series in the library.

Displays in Ishinomori Manga Museum.

Apart from that, check out the evolution of Kamen Rider’s mask from its first debut until Kamen Rider Ex-aid, shake your hand with Ishinomori’s bronze statue hand and more.

Ishinomori Manga Museum

Address: 2-7  Nakaze, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi-ken 986-0823

Operating Hours: 9:00AM-6:00PM

Admission Fees: ¥800 (Adults aged 19 and above), ¥500 (Children aged 13 to 18), ¥200 (Children aged 7 to 12), Free (Children aged 6 and below)

Contact Number: +81-225-96-5055

Closest Train Station: Ishinomaki Station

Website: http://www.mangattan.jp/manga/en/

Suginami Animation Museum

Suginami Animation Museum is the place where you can discover the history of Japanese animation and its production procedure.

The timeline of anime in Japan. Image Source: Your Japan.

The museum features a huge board of anime timeline starting from as early as 1917 until recent times. There is an anime theatre in which you can watch countless episodes of anime series as well as films. Occasionally, the museum will showcase a special exhibition to highlight some of the notable artists in Japan. They used to display the works of Satoshi Kon, the creator of Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers and more.

Ever dream of becoming a seiyuu (voice actor)? Here, you can try dubbing for anime such as Astro Boy for certain scenes in the film. However, the script is only available in Japanese. If you love to explore another aspect of anime in Japan, this is the place to be. Furthermore, there are no admission fees!

Dubbing for Astro Boy. Image Source: Tokyo Girls Update.

Suginami Animation Museum

Address: 3-9-25 Kamiogi Suginami-ku Tokyo, Suginami Kaikan 3F

Operating Hours: 10:00AM-6:00PM (Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays)

Admission Fee: Free

Contact Number: +81-3-3396-1510

Closest Train Station: Ogikubo Station


A virtual musical idol, Hakune Miku has her very own museum where you can see her actual-sized figure, purchase limited edition merchandises and watch 360-degree panoramic view of Hokkaido. You can read about Hakune Miku in a manga entitled Hatsune Miku: Unofficial Hatsune Mixwritten by Kei. You can visit the museum at New Chitose Airport on the fourth floor.

Image Source: MikeHattsu Anime Journey on Blogspot.

You can watch a holographic live concert of Hatsune Miku, which is one of the most interesting features in the museum. In the Hokkaido Gurutto Theatre, watch Snow Symphony, a music video featuring the characters as well as enjoying the view of Hokkaido, Furano and Biei up close. Don’t forget to purchase Hakune Miku and friends’ merchandises such as ramen noodles before you leave the museum.

Snow Miku merchandises. Image Source: Miku Fan.


Address: New Chitose Airport Domestic Terminal Building 4F

Operating Hours: 9:00AM-7:00PM

Admission Fee for Hokkaido Gurutto Theatre: ¥650 (Adults aged 19 and above), ¥450 (Children aged 18 and below)

Contact Number: 0123-45-0039

Website: https://snowmiku.com/skytown/index_en.html

Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory

For Detective Conan lovers, visit the town of Hokueicho, an hour away from Tottori. This town is also known as The Town Where You Can Meet Detective Conan. Dedicated to Gosho Aoyama’s popular anime series, this museum consists of several major elements in Detective Conan such as his voice-changing bowtie, skateboard and the yellow car. From the entrance, you can spot the yellow car and the statue of The Junior Detective League.

The entrance to the museum. Image Source: Clover Diary on Blogspot.

There are Aoyama’s original drawings, a model of his office and several replicas of Dr Agasa’s inventions. Besides that, you can also ride Conan’s skateboard to pursue criminals and change your voice to other characters’ in Conan series using the voice-changing bowtie.

Voice-changing bowtie. Image source: Fun Japan.

After that, wander around Conan Street where you will find many Conan statues which are perfect for a photo opportunity!

Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory

Address: 1414 Yurashuku, Hokuei-cho, Touhaku District, Tottori

Operating Hours: 9:30AM-5:30PM

Admission Fee: ¥700 (Adults aged 19 and above), ¥500 (Children aged 13 to 18), ¥300(Children aged 7 to 12), Free (Children aged 6 and below)

Contact Number: 0858-37-5389

Closest Train Station: Conan Station (JR Yura Station)

Website: http://www.gamf.jp/

Hasegawa Machiko Art Museum

A popular comic strip published in Asahi Shimbun newspaper, Sazae-san debuted in 1946 and adapted into an anime series in 1969. Surprisingly, the series is still on-going and holds the Guinness World Record for the longest running animated television series in history. Sazae-san was created by Hasegawa Machiko, the first female manga artist.

Sazae-san’s family. Image Source: Trip Advisor.

The museum shows Machiko’s original drawings of Sazae-san, Ijiwaru Baa-san, Apron Oba-san and more. Also, there are some of her original and collectible paintings as well as handmade pottery displayed inside the museum. After that, drop by Lien de Sazae-san café that serves everything Sazae-san from drinks, snacks to limited edition items. It is situated near to the museum.

Lien de Sazae-san café. Image Source: akiko3cats on Instagram.

Hasegawa Machiko Art Museum

Address: 1-30-6 Sakura Shinmachi, Setagaya 154-0015, Tokyo Prefecture

Operating Hours: 10:00AM-5:00PM

Admission Fee: ¥600 (Adults aged 19 and above), ¥500 (Children aged 16 to 18), ¥400 (Children aged 7 to 15), ¥500 (Seniors aged 65 and above)

Contact Number: 03-3701-8766

Closest Train Station: Tokyu Denentoshi Line Sakura Shinmachi Station

Website: https://www.hasegawamachiko.jp


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